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How to Update Your Theme

Last Updated: Apr 25, 2017 02:37PM EDT

If your are updating your theme from the old theme editor to Sections (any versions before Parallax 3.0+, Retina 4.0+, Mobilia 5.0+, Responsive 6.0+ and all new Turbo 2.0+)
you will need to redo your homepage.
Our 'Which Theme Version Am I Using' article will show you how to check your theme version.

All of our themes are robust and well-maintained, and we do occasionally release upgrades for each of them that offer new features and functionality.
If you'd like to take advantage of these, you will need to update your theme, and the following tips should make this process as smooth and painless as possible.


The official Theme Updater Shopify App by Out of the Sandbox is the easiest, fastest and most convenient way to update your theme.
This new app exclusively supports all Out of the Sandbox themes and is completely free for all of our customers.

A few general things to note:

  • when you purchase a theme, you are entitled to free upgrades for life
  • theme upgrades are always optional
  • the theme upgrade will install as a NEW theme in your shop (more on that below)
  • See our Theme Updater FAQ page

Where to Find the Most Recent Theme Files:

If you purchased your theme directly from the Out of the Sandbox website:

When a theme update is released, you should receive an email containing a new download link and upgrade instructions. If for some reason you don't receive it please contact the support team and we'll send you the files directly.

If you purchased your theme from the Shopify Theme Store:

You can go back to the Theme Store to download the latest version of your theme for free (just be sure to be logged into the same shop that you originally purchased the theme):

Parallax Theme
Retina Theme
Mobilia Theme
Responsive Theme

NOTE that your theme will install as a new and separate theme in your Themes section. You should plan to customize and prepare your new theme in "preview" mode until you are ready to go live with it:


Tips and Best Practices:


  • have your current site open in a separate window or take a few screenshots as a visual reference
  • have all your image files (logo, favicon, banner pictures) easily accessible in a local folder so that when you need to add those again through the theme customizer, you can find and upload them easily
  • make a note of all of your social media account links and information (user names, client #, etc.) so that they're easy to copy and paste from one place
  • set up a simple text document that includes as much info as possible about all the current theme settings that you want to reproduce, including any colors and fonts you've used throughout the current site (e.g. button color = #f9068f, Headline text = Google web font 'Lato', 20px, etc.); it's often easier to refer to the one document rather than switching back and forth between the theme customizer of the current site and the theme customizer of the new one in preview mode
  • if you've made any changes or additions to your actual theme files (styles.scss.liquid, index.liquid, etc.) see if you can locate and make note of these in a separate text file, so that you can reproduce them all in the new version (a ‘changelog’ like this is a good thing to maintain at all times, as it will help you keep track of all your customizations and make any future upgrades easier!)
  • as you customize your new theme upgrade, work your way from the top down, starting with the top bar/header section: re-add your logo and favicon, then re-add your images in the Home Page / Home Page Slider sections, and then deal with the fonts and colors, and finally the newsletter and social media info


Finally, don't forget that you can also take this opportunity of the theme upgrade to change things up a bit in your shop (add some new pictures, try out some new colors, etc.) and take your time; just keep working in preview mode and then when you're finally ready to make the switch, hit the 'Publish' button!



Q: Can I switch to the new theme automatically, without losing my customizations?
A: Unfortunately not, you will need to apply (reproduce) all your custom edits in the new theme manually.

Q: Can I selectively add features from the updated theme to my current theme?
A: It would require additional development to selectively add an individual feature and is not recommended. We also have a list of recommended Shopify Experts.

For more Frequently Asked Questions about our Theme Updater App please see here!


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